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Centurion trucks deliver road safety message to drivers on regional roads


Tens of thousands of international and national visitors will travel to Exmouth to view the total solar eclipse on 20 April, travelling long distances to reach Exmouth in time and during the coinciding school holiday period.

The distances involved for road travellers is way outside the experience of regular drivers and the WA Road Safety Council invited Centurion to provide 30 trailers to carry massive road safety signage.

The sides and backs of the trucks will display the Road Safety Commission’s latest campaigns, ‘Don’t drift off’ and ‘No one plans a crash’, to deliver important road safety messages where they are needed most – our regional roads.

At 13 metres in length, the trucks will be highly visible to regional drivers as they transport groceries and other essentials from Perth to the north of the State.

They will be on the road during the busy April school holiday period and visible to locals and visitors travelling to view the total solar eclipse in Exmouth on 20 April.

Given Centurion’s trucks travel 60-million kilometres each year, we know something about fatigue management.

Centurion CEO, Justin Cardaci, said safety was at the very core of every decision we make as a business and it’s what we champion to our drivers and other staff.

“We know a thing or two about the risks of fatigue, poor attention spans, bad decision-making, not driving to the conditions … drifting off … because our drivers see it every day,” Mr Cardaci said.

“Having well rested people behind the wheel is essential to saving lives. That’s why we have either minimum rest periods or double-up our drivers for big trips. One rests while the other drives.”

“As an employer of nearly 1600 people the thing that keeps me awake at night is whether they all make it home to their families or arrive at their destination safely.

“I can replace trucks, but I can’t replace the people I trust to move freight around WA – particularly the Kimberley, Pilbara and other remote communities – and who do it like it’s their mission in life.

“So, I don’t mind saying that Centurion has a vested interest in this campaign,” he said.