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Partnerships & Community


Supporting our community

As a business that proudly services regional communities and businesses across Western Australia, Centurion is committed to supporting those communities both economically and through a strong involvement in community investment and development initiatives.

Centurion employs more than one hundred people throughout its regional WA branch network and is committed to providing sustainable employment opportunities for people who live in these areas.

Our community investment centres on activities and initiatives that promote safety and support local businesses, not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) as well as foster a strong community spirit. We’re proud to partner with many community and nonprofit groups through in-kind support, funding, sponsorships and employee time.

Telethon Kids Kimberley

Through our partnership with Telethon, Centurion employees raised money towards a specialised 4WD that allows researchers to travel to some of the most remote and hard to reach areas of the Kimberley. The employee funding was matched by the business in total donating more than $40,000 to support the much needed initiative for some of the most at risk children across Australia.

“CFC Group’s very generous donation of a solid, reliable 4wd vehicle to Telethon Kids Kimberley has enabled the research teams and I to connect to our many partners and communities scattered across the region. The vehicle has been integral in helping us build and maintain solid and respectful relationships; key to Telethon’s success as a research platform in this vast Kimberley expanse.”

John Jacky, Kimberley Coordinator, Telethon Kids Institute


Centurion became the inaugural transport and logistics partner for GIVIT, a national not-for-profit that matches real community need and urgent requests for goods with the resources of donors Australia-wide. The in-kind partnership requires Centurion to work closely with GIVIT to deliver donated goods in support of many families, NFPs, community groups and charities operating in regional WA.

An example of this was when Centurion transported all the building materials and equipment for a new care school being built in Kununurra for young people at risk. GIVIT, who partnered with Alta-1 for the project, sourced the materials and Centurion transported the consignment on two trailers more than 3200kms to Kununurra.

“GIVIT is thrilled to be able to partner with Centurion Transport. Centurion has essentially put hope on wheels; connecting the West Australian metro community to people in need in our regional centres and remote communities by delivering essential items that help alleviate hardship and poverty. Without the generous support of Centurion, the task of making a practical difference in areas of need would be so much more difficult and, in some cases, almost impossible.”                                                                 Travis Fitch, WA Manager, GIVIT


Centurion has taken on Triton Transport’s sponsorship of the Mining Emergency Response Competition (MERC). Established in November 2010 MERC is a not for profit company that aims to provide a world class, safe and sustainable, industry event focused on fostering valuable networks and building professional and personal life skills. Emergency Services teams from across WA’s mining communities compete for the prestigious title while more than $260,000 has been raised for a variety of charities since the inception of the event. The event aims to improve the skills and collaboration between onsite emergency teams to ensure better safety outcomes across communities in regional WA.

Road Safety Commission

Centurion has partnered with the Road Safety Commission to help drive road safety messages to regional WA. Centurion’s hard-sided fridge trailers, measuring more than 13m in length and 2.5m in height, became ‘mobile bill boards’ carrying a range of messages aimed at improving the behaviours of drivers in regional WA. These included anti-drink driving messages, which were placed on trailers that service Centurion’s North West route as well as Kalgoorlie (areas identified as having a significant drink driving safety problems).

Road Safety Campaign

In 2018 Centurion launched a campaign to increase awareness amongst drivers of cars and caravans to assist them to safely overtake, or be overtaken, by road trains. Feedback from Centurion drivers identified the potential issue and after further investigation a campaign was rolled out advising road users of how to minimise the risk when interacting with road trains. 5000 flyers were printed and distributed via road houses, caravan and camping sites as well as Centurion’s branches. The campaign went viral with an ABC news and Facebook story receiving more than 1 million views.

Local Communities

Centurion’s branch network also conducts a number of significant localised monetary and in-kind sponsorships that support their local communities. This community support includes ‘at no cost’ freight and supply of equipment to support important local community events, including the Karratha Pannawonica Rodeo and Brew and the Moo event, Nameless Festival in Tom Price, Newman’s Bloody Slow Cup and Netball Association, Kalgoorlie Boulder CCI, Karratha Small Business market events, Kalgoorlie’s St Barbara’s Festival street parade, the Kununurra Speedway, the Wyndham Horse Races, the Fortescue Golf Club Open, Kimberley Theatre’s annual Sandfly Circus performance, and the Shinju Matsuri carnival in Broome, plus many more.

Centurion also supports local communities by going above and beyond in its service delivery. This was apparent in February 2018 when Cyclone Kelvin caused widespread flooding in northern WA with several arterial roads closed due to the heavy rains. During this time, Centurion demonstrated its commitment to supporting the retail supply chain in flood-affected regional communities. In the face of substantial flooding, Centurion commissioned barges to ensure much needed food supplies reached Broome. Seven refrigerated trailers were loaded onto a barge at Dampier port, and the local Centurion fleet then distributed the goods upon arrival of the barge in Broome. In addition, in order to reach Kununurra, Centurion redirected road freight through South Australia and the Northern Territory in order to deliver to customers. This took an additional 24 hours, or 2,095 kilometres. Centurion organised further barges when heavy rains struck again later in the month.

In August 2018 Centurion staff raised $6000 for drought stricken farmers in NSW and QLD by dressing as farmers for the day and running a raffle with prizes donated by Centurion. The company also contributed to the drought appeal by supporting Rural Aid to transport over 1,000 tonnes of hay to those in need.