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Tyre Transport & Storage


Centurion’s innovative and custom designed specialised tyre trailers provide the safest and most efficient loading, restraining, transporting and unloading of OTR tyres.

Centurion has been expertly handling, transporting and storing OTR tyres for clients in the mining industries for more than ten years. Last year we moved more than 3000 tyres for our valued customers working with them to ensure we met their OTR tyre needs.

Our custom engineered tyre trailers allow for the transportation of some of the largest heavy equipment and OTR tyres in a road train configuration made to suit our customer’s requirements.

Centurion’s tyre trailers are custom designed and built to transport OTR tyres ranging from 525/80R25 right up to the massive 60/80R57s.

Our tyre trailer complies with Performance Based Standards (PBS) – a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator scheme that tests the asset against 16 stringent safety standards and four infrastructure standards ensuring it fits the existing road network and is safe.

The loading process is automated and our custom engineered trailers mechanically restrains the tyres ensuring they are never left free standing. Personnel operate the restrain bars from a safe distance. Each trailer is fitted with electronic stability control to further improve the safety performance.

In addition to our safe and efficient transportation of all OTR tyres, Centurion also provides advanced tracking of freight through our unique WMS system giving our customers 360 degree visibility.

We cater for all OTR brands including Bridgestone, Michelin, Firestone and Goodyear and have ample storage capacity at our Perth HQ and distribution centres throughout Australia.

So why choose Centurion for your OTR tyre transport and storage?


  • Automated loading and unloading – no manual restraining minimises the risk of injury
  • Tyres are locked into place remotely meaning the operator is always a safe distance from the trailer during loading and unloading

Productivity & Efficiency

  • Capacity to transport up to 52 80s vertically, allowing for a triple road train configuration
  • Reduces the number of drivers, pilots and trailers required for each trip
  • No oversize permits required
  • No pilot escort vehicles required (is this true?)
  • Tyres tracked with unique serial numbers through Centurion’s WMS system
  • Quick and easy loading and unloading process saves time and reduces the number of personnel required


  • Complies with Performance Based Standards (PBS)
  • Tested against 16 stringent safety standards and four infrastructure standards

Contact our Sales team to find out how we can deliver comprehensive end-to-end logistics solutions for your OTR tyre moving needs.


P: 08 9278 3040

Centurion Tyre trailer delivering OTR tyres to customer's in Western Australia