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Centurion’s New Brisbane to Perth Route: Streamlining Freight Transportation


Centurion, a leader in the transportation industry, has recently unveiled a new addition to its network—the Brisbane to Perth route. This strategic move is a testament to Centurion’s unwavering commitment to meeting the escalating demand for freight services and optimizing its national logistics network.

This meticulously planned route is operated by a team of seasoned drivers who ensure the seamless flow of services. Departing from Centurion’s Brisbane and Perth depots every Tuesday and Friday, cargo is loaded and securely stowed in two specialized trailers—a tautliner for moisture-sensitive goods and a flat top for oversized or unconventional items.

The dedicated drivers selected for this demanding route cover over 2,000 kilometres from Brisbane to Port Augusta, where they facilitate a crucial midpoint trailer changeover with the Perth drivers who forge ahead, for the remaining 2,300 kilometres to Perth, all while navigating challenging terrains and extensive stretches of open road.

Centurion’s distinction goes beyond its impressive fleet and skilled drivers. It’s anchored in their commitment to customer satisfaction. Through their user-friendly online services portal, clients can access real-time tracking and visibility for their consignments, delivering significant advantages.

With the introduction of the Brisbane to Perth Route, clients no longer need to engage multiple transportation providers for their east-west shipments. Centurion has emerged as a comprehensive solution, simplifying logistics and optimizing efficiency. The road trains traverse depot-to-depot, ensuring secure and efficient deliveries.

Centurion’s choice of the Cascadia Freightliner for the Brisbane to Perth Route highlights its commitment to equipping its drivers with industry-leading vehicles for their long-haul endeavours.

One of the standout features of this new route is Centurion’s unwavering dedication to maintaining a fleet of state-of-the-art, low-hour equipment. This commitment not only enhances efficiency but also prioritizes driver comfort and safety, setting a new benchmark for freight transportation standards.

Safety remains paramount, with Centurion’s Nexus Centre rigorously monitoring all vehicles and drivers to guarantee the highest levels of safety and security during transit.

The Centurion Brisbane to Perth Route isn’t just a route—it’s a vital link connecting the vast Australian expanse. It demonstrates Centurion’s unwavering commitment to their clientele, their innovative prowess in logistics, and dedication to the secure and efficient transport of goods.

This route isn’t just about joining the east and west; it’s about bringing communities and businesses together, supporting the nation’s growth and prosperity—one delivery at a time.