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Centurion celebrates Cert III Graduates in Mackay: An Ongoing Partnership with Saltera


Celebrating the graduation of 9 new Certificate III graduates in Mackay, Centurion recently announced that the program has successfully guided 45 graduates through the certification since 2021.

Certificate III in Supply Operations is a foundational program that equips participants with a solid understanding of logistics processes, supply chain management, and road transport regulations, preparing them for entry-level roles in the industry and serving as a steppingstone for career advancement.

Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Driver and Supply Operations) equips graduates with the skills needed to oversee teams and operations effectively. Specifically, it fosters leadership development, empowering graduates with supervisory skills for effective team management and operational optimisation.

The recent graduation celebrated the achievements of Helene Ruhl, Brendan Turnbull, Jenna Wells, Monali Perera, Tiarni Botefuhr, Jamie Bear, Clesia Ape, Reece Williams, and Mark Geekie.

Centurion’s Mackay Branch Operations Manager, Jodie Van Sluys, emphasised the valuable contribution of from the Saltera Training team, who have supported the program over the years.

“Ian’s dedication to working individually with all our students, irrespective of their educational background or learning pace, reflects his profound understanding of our company’s diverse workforce.”

In collaboration with the Saltera team the program commenced in October 2021 and has resulted in the successful commencement of 40 new employees in Mackay, on Certificate III level traineeships.

“The exceptional quality of training provided on-site, tailored to our operations by trainer Ian, alongside the seamless coordination and collaboration from the broader Saltera team, has been exemplary. This success led to the expansion of Saltera’s delivery of traineeships to other Centurion branches in Queensland without hesitation,” said Ms Van Sluys.

Centurion recognises that training is crucial for future-proofing the workforce, particularly through on-site, role-relevant traineeships. Saltera has proven itself as a training organisation that operates with integrity, flexibility, and industry currency.

Graduates from this program complete both the Certificate III in Supply Operations and in Transport and Logistics and gain hands-on experience in critical logistics environments that help to equip them with practical, real-world skills.

The Certificate III in Supply Operations programs ensures regulatory compliance by imparting comprehensive knowledge of road transport regulations, which reduces legal risks for employers. Additionally, it facilitates skill diversification, as graduates acquire a broad range of skills applicable across various roles in the transportation and logistics sector.

Lastly, it enhances industry awareness by exposing participants to industry-specific technologies and practices, fostering adaptability and familiarity with emerging trends.

Similarly, the Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Driver and Supply Operations) brings numerous advantages. Building upon the foundation of the Certificate II program, this advanced program delves deeper into complex logistics concepts.

The Certification enhances problem-solving abilities, enabling graduates to tackle complex operational challenges, thus ensuring smoother operations. Completion of this program also brings industry recognition and qualifies individuals for more advanced roles, leading to career growth. Graduates are prepared to take on responsibilities related to coordination, supervision, and even leadership roles within the industry.

The achievements of the graduates underscores the commitment of both Centurion and Saltera to future-proofing the workforce through quality training, paving the way for continued growth and success within the transportation and logistics sector.

(L-R): Ian Burkitt (Saltera), Jenna Wells, Monali Perera, Tiarni Botefuhr, Jamie Bear, Clesia Ape, Reece Williams, Mark Geekie, and Johann Strydom.

(L-R): Ian Burkitt (Saltera) and Brendan Turnbull (Linehaul Driver).